Businessman CEO (Madrid, Spain)

Reinardo Veliz Perea

It has always been a pleasure getting to know All American Teachers online English language institute. I had ti improve my English language skills to stay competitive in the market industry.
Unfortunately, I could not adequately use mail and frequently ignored messages sent to me. I need to share department ad corporate goals in a more timely and complete manner.
American customers and clients could not understand what my company does because I was not able to communicate with them.After taking 3 courses, Now I am clearly very good at communication. I think back to several situations this year that needed a delicate understanding, I could handle each one well. I appreciate all the help from All American Teachers.

Elementary Student (Istanbul, Turkey)

Beyaz Akyuz

I like All American Teachers very much. All the teachers are funny. I learn English and have fun. I love my teacher. She is beautiful and she helps me. I love her dog. I sing a song every day. I can read story books to my little brother.

University Student (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Vitor Passos Fagundes

Before I was interviewed to All American Teachers institute, I had had an excellent vocabulary skill because I wanted to be ready for TOEFL exam.
I had always wanted to pursue my education in the United States and get enrolled in an university in the US. I got decent score of 102 in TOEFL but speaking section was 19 and my score did not satisfy the English language proficiency requirement of the UCF. I just wanted to improve my English so I could speak English with confidence. Now the I have finished my Upper Intermediate level, I feel much more prepared for my upcoming exam.